In order to change any population of any given species, the change of the square root of 1% of that population is all that is needed. Then the rest of the population will automatically transform. Example: If 900 bacteria cell were the study. 1% X 900 = 0,01 X 900 = 9. Square root of 9 = 3. Therefore if 3 cells mutated, automatically all 900 cells would mutate.


It is an initiative of TerrÂm(i)es that we work with the population of Quebec, inspiring those that feel it important and joyful for their lives, to practice the Alchemies of Horus minimally, and the Sex Magic of Isis, if you are a couple.

The population of Quebec is 7 750 500 persons
1% x 7 750 500 = 77 505
Square root of 77 505 = 278.4 persons

My dear friends, Quebec holds the largest store of fresh water in the WORLD!

Water carries memory. Intention is the most effective way to carry out a transformative vibration. We need only 279 persons within Quebec to transform the peoples of Quebec. We need 1836 persons in North America to transform North America.
Quebec has a long standing history in carrying the “Marion” energies. It is throughout the symbols and imagery of this province. Montreal’s first name was Ville Marie - Marionopolis. The Quebec flag holds 4 fleur de lys, the flower of Isis Herself, Mary being an Incarnate of Isis. The number 4 refers to a foundational energy. Our flag is the blue of spirituality and its longest bar is the horizontal, which in geometry symbolizes the Feminine.
Our motto is “Je me souviens” chosen by Éugene Taché in 1883 from an anonymous poem fully quoted as, “Je me souviens/ Que née dans les lis, Dieu aydant, je grandis dans la rose”. Translated this means “I remember/ That born among the lilies (the flower of Isis- the Divine
Feminine), with God’s help (the Primitive Church establishment), I grow up in the rose (the flower of the Magdalen). For the elite who knew the secret code, this referred to our own individual Divinity. “I remember that I Am”
Marguerite Bourgeois was one of the founders of Ville Marie. She started a school in 1658 just for the education of girls and womyn. Jeanne Mance, another founder and 1 of the only 2 womyn in the original founding group, was also the treasurer for the Ville Marie project. She returned from a trip to France, to seek further funding, with a sudden coat of arms, bearing 12 blue apples, a mysterious connection to Rennes le Chateau, the Hautpoul family and Jean-Jacques Olier, from the Congregation of St. Sulpice all in France. These courageous persons worked undercover in this far off land, from the scrupulous eye of the Church cardinals, to insure in our future the knowledge of our Divinity, through the Divine Feminine.
Quebec holds an unprecedented number of churches devoted to the Maries of many descriptions. The church of Notre Dame de Bonsecours in Montreal carries the Stella Maris statue in her steeple, full of occult mysteries and Sacred Geometry. We have the records of the early layout of the city of Ville Marie, which is also a conglomerate of Sacred Geometry arrangements, being connected to the Congregation of St. Sulpice (in Mtl) and the Compagnie de Saint Sacrement( in France). These ties lead us also to records and sites showing our connection to Egypt and an underground movement of the Primitive Church back in France, a Gnostic Church headed by Jean-Jacques Olier.


In keeping with this long standing secret and the establishment of important energies here waiting to be awakened, we submit that the ancient secrets from Egypt and the Temple of Isis

in how one uses their Sexual Energy to go to a higher consciousness and reach the other dimensions thereby benefiting all Life, are now ready to be kindled and its fire to be spread vastly throughout the planet. This can be easily accomplished through the cooperation of Water. (
We Quebecers hold the responsibility of guardianship of Water for the whole world since there is the greatest abundance of Water in our part of the planet. Particularly this power is held by the womyn in all indigenous cultures, since our bodies hold more water; hold more blood; and it is through the water of our birthing centers, our wombs that New Life is brought through. Water’s beauty and willingness to transport Memory affords for us an incredible opportunity to help the Earth, world wide.
Please join us in this Her/Historic moment to raise planetary vibration for the service of all Life. Ecstasy and Appreciation are the necessary tools (tough Huh?). The easiest way to these states is through our Sexual Energy, but one must master how to direct them and sustain them. Magdalen was requested to share with us by Isis Herself, the ancient secrets of Egypt, from the Temple of Isis where she trained, on how to use one’s Sexual Energy for the Highest Good. This information is called the Alchemies of Horus and the Sex Magic of Isis. The higher powers of our Divine Nature, both for
womyn and men lie in the appreciation of the Divine Feminine in all of us.

Will you join us in learning the Alchemies and working with Water?
Can we count you in?

For those of you who are practicing the Alchemy of Horus, we invite you to click on the counter below to demonstrate how close we are to the Turning Point. May our joining benefit All Life.

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